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    Cast Iron Infuser Teapot with Italian Chamomile Tea

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    Tea! That beautiful flavor that can enhance water and bring with it an inviting aroma. It brings me so much happiness whether prepared hot or cold.  Summers are filled with iced tea but I still love my tea nice and hot.

    There is something about drinking a cup of hot tea that is so gratifying. It could be in part due to the art of preparation, the dress-up with tea cups and saucers, or rather simply the use of a cast iron teapot that adds to the mesmerizing and enticing seduction.

    This weekend wasn’t any exception.  I went through the routine of heating up water in my colorful aqua kettle, adding a  spoonful or two of Italian chamomile tea to my crane cast iron infuser teapot, and then waiting a couple minutes for my tea to brew.  I usually don’t like any sweeteners in my tea but if you have the occasional sweet tooth crave, you can always sweeten your tea with honey.

    Nothing beats the taste of calming and soothing tea to start your day or end your day.

    Please leave a comment and let me know if you made the tea and how you liked it.  If you want to save it for later, you can pin it on your Pinterest page.



    • Water, Italian Chamomille Tea, Honey (optional)


    • Heat water in a kettle until hot.
    • In a teapot, add a couple spoonful of Italian chamomile tea.
    • Pour hot water from kettle into teapot and cover lid.
    • Let brew for a couple minutes.
    • Pour into a teacup and enjoy!

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