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    Quotes for Some Extra Motivation into the New Week

    Motivational Quotes into the New Week

    As a new week starts, I usually start out my week with a little extra motivation. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how I love writing and sharing my own quotes on my page every once in a while. I love saving inspirational quotes and also writing my own personalized quote because it helps me stay focused and inspire me to be better and carry a whole lot of positivity and gratitude in my daily routines. I have these little reminders in my home office, on my refrigerator, and saved to my favorites on my phone. It is a great pick me up and almost always inspirational. So, below are a few of my very own favorites I wrote and perfect for some extra new week motivation!

    Be the very best version of yourself.

    Chase your dreams because every achievement, big or small, starts with the decision “I’ll do it!”

    You have your own timezone, so relax! You are very much on time.

    Always have an attitude of gratitude and be kind.

    Let me know what motivational quotes get you through your week and have an AWESOME week!

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