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    Africa: letters of the little African girl

    Africa: the lure of beautiful beaches and romantic sunsets. I was born there, in a breezy tropical country close to the Atlantic Ocean.

    I was born to amazing parents from two continents that chanced upon each other in a city in Africa.  This is a story of optimism and love at first sight. The man pursued this beautiful woman and wooed her off her feet.  Their courtship was one of true love.

    They settled in her home country of Ghana.  A country known for its diverse wildlife, old forts, secluded beaches, and people who are extremely hospitable.  And that’s where I was born.  The day my parents took me home a white dove found its way into the car, darted across me and then flew out the window.  My mother believed in signs you see, she believed this was a symbol of good luck.

    I think it was there, in that moment that my love for people and art, and my appreciation for food and the environment began.  And it’s never ended.  It’s taken me across continents and enabled me to find creative ways in every situation.

    And so it’s been that I’ve become the optimistic girl.  Always positive, always ready to spread my wings and soar just like the white dove from my parents’ tale.

    I type these words to you late at night reminiscing days of yesterday and promises of tomorrow.

    So you see, another day awaits and with it the promise of another gift at life.  See you; see you ….on this magical adventure called life.