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    Summer in the City and 5 Work-Wear Outfits

    Look #1: Maggy London Della Dress –  Antonio Melani Leather Wedge Sandals – Ted Baker White Tote Bag

    Work Wear Look #1

    Maggy London Della Dress

    Summer Life and a Little About Me

    Hi guys!! Today, I wanted to highlight my city, give you a sneak peak into my daily schedule, and also share five looks on the blog in partnership with MaggyLondon, which I am utterly excited about! These dresses are gorgeous and an easy transition from work-to-evening wear which makes them functional and totally worth the investment.

    So if you’ve been following me for a while, you will know I am a working mom with two very lovable kids, a darling husband, an 18-year old cat, and one rambunctious puppy. If you’re new on here, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Louise Millen and I started blogging as a creative outlet and a way to share my passion for all things beautiful. As a working mom who is always on the go, I’ve learned how to manage my schedule to maximize time in the office and still make time for family and a healthy lifestyle. I specialize in Change Leadership, which has connected me with people not only from different areas of the organization, but from all over the world! My evenings are usually laid back and filled with cooking (since I love to cook!) and stories from my kids about their days–amid squeals and laughter, of course! So now that you know all about me, let’s move on to the amazing city I live in.

    Look #2: Maggy London Emma Dress –  Sam Edelman Coral Pointy Toe Pump

    Work Wear Look #2

    Maggy London Emma Dress

    About Dallas, The City I Call Home

    Yes, I live in Dallas, Texas, the cultural hub of the region, and absolutely love it! They say everything is bigger and better in Texas…and they are right! It is a city that continues to expand and there is always so much to discover. There are so many options and things to do in Dallas. From shopping to eating at new restaurants to exploring the various entertainment venues–we LOVE it here and I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be….now if only we had beaches, it would be perfect but I will settle for our beautiful lakes.

    Look #3: Maggy London Lia Dress –  Sam Edelman Pink Pointy Toe Pump – Cole Haan Dorset Satchel

    Work Wear Look #3

    Maggy London Lia Midi Dress

    Summer Months

    This summer has been phenomenal. You see, I grew up in Ghana which is a tropical country all year round so I love the hot summer months. I especially look forward to the longer days in Dallas! This summer, we’ve already had two trips out of town and getting ready for another vacation in a couple weeks.  When we are not traveling, you can usually find us at the pool or headed to an outdoor restaurant. We always try to take advantage of local farmer’s markets, parks, and hiking trails throughout the city. We also love outdoor movie nights under the stars and visiting all the kid-friendly places Dallas has to offer (like the Perot Museum, Dallas World Aquarium, and TopGolf!)

    Look #4: Maggy London Alyssa Midi Dress –  Charles David Caleesi Pumps– Coach Kitt Messenger Crossbody

    Work Wear Look #4

    Maggy London Alyssa Dress

    Work Wear and Style

    Style doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be effortless. My style is simple-chic. I gravitate toward timeless, classy pieces and love clean lines. Outfits that are versatile, fashion forward, and easy to transition from work-to-evening are usually what you will find me wearing. These Maggy London work wear dresses are great for Summer and such beautiful pieces! If you do get one of these dresses, I would love to see it!! Please drop me a note or tag me on Instagram, along with Maggy London. xoxo Louise

    Look #5: Maggy London Kaye Midi Dress –  Sam Edelman Hazel Nude Pumps – Michael Kors Crossbody (similar bag)

    Work Wear Look #5

    Maggy London Kaye Dress

    Dresses: Maggy London #MLPartner #Sponsored  ;  Photography: Mallory Kee Photography

    The Dress You’ll Want to Wear for Every Summer Event



    Summer is in full swing, people! I cannot believe we are already in July!! It is so surreal. I love Summer and the warmth it brings with longer sunny days and lots of activities and events. I have to confess that I have been getting lazy around here lounging in light flowy dresses and shorts most days but enough said about that. This summery dress reminds me of the color of the sun and sunflowers (btw, I LOVE sunflowers; they are my happy flowers)! The dress is perfect for work and an easy transition to a cocktail or evening attire. You can even wear it to a wedding and still look amazing! I mean how good is that shade of yellow with all the pretty ruffles? I got the dress on sale at Dillards! You will be surprised what you can find in that store. My shoes are Gianni Bini and I am obsessed with the transparency of the straps. I’m sure you’ve all seen me style this crossbody bag a few times…#guilty (lol) but it’s just so cute!

    I’ve linked this look below along with another dress I have my eyes on. Have you been to any events this Summer?

    “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” ~ Coco Chanel

    “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” ~ Audrey Hepburn

    Photo credit: Mallory Kee Photography

    Work Wear Mondays: My H&M Look

    H&M Fitted Jacket; H&M Wrapover Skirt; Charles David Shoes from Nordstrom; Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

    H&M Office Look

    Another Monday, another work week! Today, I am sharing an office look that is affordable and yet stylish. This attire from H&M is versatile and I love the fit.  Thank goodness I didn’t need to get the jacket tailored!!!  You can wear this fitted jacket with a slim fitted skirt or pants, or with jeans for a more casual look. The skirt can be dressed up as well.

    A classic yet affordable look for the office is a win-win for me. I also noticed the jacket comes in a few colors along with the skirt. If you haven’t been to H&M lately, you should.  They have a range of clothing from loungewear to office wear, and I love their variety.

    Now who doesn’t like a jacket that’s under $25??

    How Your Habits Determine Your Success

    Behaviors of Successful People

    Success: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

    Ever wonder how to be successful but for some reason it almost seems out of reach?  The truth is, to be successful, you need to be highly disciplined.  You also need to be conscious of habits, determined, and focused. When I started writing this blog, I realized that success is subjective, and for many, it might mean different things. It always starts with a purpose to one’s life.

    For me, the fulfillment of success is to strive to have an impact. Successful people have a clearly defined purpose.  They are open-minded, positive, and unwavering in their goals.  They are also able to let go of the past and look at failure as a stepping stone and a way to learn from that experience while using their abilities as a strength to help them achieve success.

    When you read stories about successful people like Mark Cuban, Melinda Gates, Albert Einstein, and Tory Burch, you realize that success is about traits and not limited to race, IQ level or how much money you have.  So without further ado, let me share a few highlights to cultivating habits of success.

    Cultivating habits of Success

    If you’re looking to making some changes to your life mid-year, here are a few things you need to do that can help you cultivate habits of successful people.

    1. Wake Up Early: Waking up early is not the easiest habit to cultivate.  It takes a lot of self-discipline and determination but you can accomplish so much by getting up at 5:30 am or even getting up an hour earlier than your usual wake up time. A couple of initial techniques to help you get up in the mornings is to plan your morning the day before. If using an alarm clock never hit the snooze button. Over time, this will become second nature and your internal clock will be the one waking you up.
    2. Quiet Your Mind:  Spend 3-5 minutes each morning meditating.  Meditation alleviates anxiety, prevents depression, and helps with pain management. It can also help you re-center yourself and your goals. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of practice.  If random thoughts keep popping in your head, just calmly refocus and redirect yourself to concentrate on your breathing.
    3. Incorporate a Healthy Lifestyle: Make healthy food choices, block time for fitness activities whether it is a walking, yoga, or spending time at the gym. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and cutting down on sugary drinks.  It is amazing what a healthy diet can do to one’s health. When you incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine, you will feel great with bouts of energy.
    4. Minimize Distractions: This means staying focused on your goals.  Maintain a journal to write down your gratitudes so you are more likely to be appreciative of progress despite the setbacks. Also maintain a to-do list and focus on one or two each day so you have a feeling of accomplishment when you achieve that goal.
    5. Work Deliberately, not harder: Efficiency is the key word here. Be strategic about how you work and don’t procrastinate.  You can find shortcuts for everything in life, but to build the foundation of your goals, you will need to work smart. It is all about finding the right balance between working smart, deliberate, and efficiently.

    Maintaining momentum can also instill these habits as part of your daily life to where it will become almost second nature. Remember, celebrate the wins along the way. Use each habit as an anchor to prompt you into doing the new habit you’re trying to master and you will very much be on your way to success!

    Please share what are other habits you think are critical to success. I would love to know.