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    Styling Your Mantel for Fall

    I can’t believe we are already in the month of October! It certainly feels like the earlier part of the year went by rather quickly and now we are in the month of pumpkins and a little spooky decor.

    If you’re new to my page, WELCOME! I am so happy you stopped by and can’t wait to share with you a few simple ways to style your mantel for any season, including Fall! I usually tend to lean towards a more minimalist design. Also a little confession, I have been gradually packing for the move to our new home in a few months and most of my recycled, and usual seasonal decor are in boxes somewhere in the house. With that said, I discovered that the mantel is a great place to start since it is most usually the focal point of a room and can make a big statement with minimal effort. Whether your mantel feels cluttered or bare now, these styling tips can help elevate the space. Another point to keep in mind is that preference is a big factor when decorating your mantel.

    Symmetry & Composed Assymetry

    Usually the easiest way to style a mantel is with a symmetrical design, meaning whatever is on one side of the mantel, is mirrored on the opposite side to sort of create a balanced appearance. This gives a clean and aesthetic look. Symmetry can work well in a formal room that is symmetrical in nature. Similarly, a composed asymmetry can work well in any room. 

    To style a mantel in this way, you need to keep it simple. Larger accents and some faux or natural plants can add a layer of warmth and depth to your mantel. A tip here is to start with a focal point above the mantel. This could be a large mirror or a painting, and then work around the focal point to include other pieces to give your mantel an effortless quality. To break the monotony of symmetry, you can layer a few unbalanced pieces at the bottom of the mantel. For an asymmetrical decor, you can add a few offset pieces on each side of the mantel while keeping the focal point.

    Layered Informal

    I absolutely love this design concept and it is very similar to how I’ve designed my fireplace. Symmetrical designs are seamless but we’re all different and with that, our preferences may differ when it comes to decor. A layered informal mantel design is more casual with added layers. The secret is to maintain a fine visual balance so that it doesn’t give the appearance that it’s heavily offsetted.  

    Styling Tip 1: Add Layering to your Mantel Decor

    Create an illusion of a focal point by adding anything from vases to candles to give it an almost asymmetrical but balanced look. By mixing and matching styles and grouping pieces together in front of another, it can create a unique look.

    Styling Tip 2: Color

    Select pieces that compliment your current mantel and don’t be afraid to paint your mantel if you feel like the color doesn’t work with your space. Sometimes all it takes is a coat of paint to change the ambiance in a room. Neutral toned mantels are a lot easier to style because you can play with bold or lighter accent pieces and either will work. It also makes it a lot easier to work with seasonal decor. I had my fireplace painted and absolutely fell in love with it! 

    Styling Tip 3: Few Larger Pieces

    I can’t stress enough how pretty a mantel is when it has larger pieces. Now if you do have smaller pieces, I would recommend having them on the top of the mantel with the larger pieces on the bottom. Sometimes less is more. 

    Styling Tip 4: Cheap Finds

    I usually like changing my mantel decor from time to time especially with the chaging seasons. There are many stores like HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, Target that have some of the items I search for and are reasonably priced. 

    Styling Tip 5: Adding Nature or Faux Plant

    Some key pieces to adding warmth to a mantel and budget-friendly is to incorporate a real or faux plant. It encourages visual movement and adds another element of texture.  

    While creating the perfect mantel display, keep safety top of mind since you’re dealing with a fireplace. Most of all, have fun decorating and let me know which look your try for your mantel!!