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    Work Wear Mondays: My Love for Gianni Bini

    New Blog Series

    Happy Monday guys! I’m hopeful you all had a lovely Easter weekend. So, I’m super excited to launch a weekly “work wear Monday” series.  Well, mostly because I am a working woman and mother, and sometimes in the business world, it is a challenge to find the right outfit that exudes confidence and is still classy. Fast forward to today, and I’m quickly getting the reputation of being the fashionable one while knowledgeable in my profession at the office.

    Every Monday, I will share a post linking one or a few of my outfits and affordable items.  Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more of this or what other things you’d like me to share.

    Gianni Bini

    With all that said (phew)….let me start with one of my work dresses by Gianni Bini.  This dress has simple lines and a beautiful cut.  It is right below the knee, so midi-length which is usually where I like my dresses to fall when it comes to work wear, with a few exceptions.  I just love this designer because the lines are so clean and it almost always fits well so I don’t have to worry about having it tailored.  In fact, most European brands are very similar in cut and I love outfits that compliment your body.

    For work or office wear, I tend to gravitate toward softer colors. This particular brand is carried at Dillards but I realized it is sold out on their website so I was able to find the exact same dress on Lyst and have linked it here.  I love the ruched keyhole neckline and the flare lower half of the dress. The quality of the material is surprisingly sturdy with beautiful stitching, and I know it wouldn’t be fading or wearing out anytime soon.

    Do you usually wear pant suit, skirt, or dress to the office?

    The Perfect Ivory Dress for Spring


    The sounds of birds chirping, leaves budding, flowers blooming, warmer breezes on longer sunny days that seem to tease the promise of dreamy times. That’s how I envision every Spring! Everything seems to come alive; people, critters, birds, nature.  For a brief moment in time, there’s a level of self-awareness because everyone is looking forward to the warmer temperatures and the trees taking on much heavier coverage. There’s something tranquil about this transition and yet euphoric.

    With Spring also comes the celebration of Easter for many.  So here we are in April already and I am sharing this pretty white dress which will be the perfect dress for Easter and the outdoors.  Maybe a picnic possibly? We will have to see about that one….

    What I’m Wearing

    There’s something so exciting about the warmer days in Spring that just makes me want to smile and run into the sun. I love to wear lighter colors and flowy outfits this time of year. This dress is just so simple and classic. You can easily dress it up with pumps or strappy heels and look amazing! I chose to wear this particular dress with minimal jewelry it highlights the simplicity of the dress. The flirty short puff sleeves are so light that they tease ever so slightly in the wind. You can almost always never go wrong with a lighter colored dress ever!!! This Gianni Bini dress is currently available at Dillards

    I chose to accessorize the dress with this Coach crossbody bag (linked similar bag here and see my last post). Overall, I couldn’t be happier it’s Spring.  Now time for some much warmer weather and outdoor activities! What’s your favorite thing to do in the Spring? xo Louise

    Check out some of my Spring dress crushes and get searching for your perfect outfit!

    The Dress You Can Wear to Work and Your Valentine’s Day Date

    The Dress You can Wear to work and your valentine’s day date

    It’s almost that time when we get into the busiest day of the month and loved ones come up with the most creative ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day; a commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions across the world. An excuse to dress up in colors of love with hues of reds and pinks and pastels, reminding us of the promises of Spring that is very much around the corner. 🙂

    If you’ve followed me for a while, you already know that I love anything feminine so this ruffle wrap dress by Gianni Bini at Dillards was the perfect find for a day in the office and doubling up for a date after work. Needless to say, today’s look is one I absolutely love! I am wearing a size small in a color that’s supposedly salmon but looks more peachy pink coral. Since I’m all about affordable fashion, I got this dress on sale under $40 compared to the original price of $159.  The fabric is flowy, the belt can tied as a bow, and there is so much detailing on the sleeves and the bottom half of the dress that add an elegant touch of femininity. I mean how stunning is the detailed ruffles throughout the dress?

    This dress would also be perfect for Easter, upcoming brunch or graduation events, and a lot more …but back to the month of February, I would certainly be wearing this Gianni Bini dress to the office.  Since Valentine’s day fall on a weekday, it is very likely grandma may spend some quality time with the kids so hubby and I can go on a quick date immediately after work and then celebrate with the family again over the weekend.

    The Look

    For the classic office outfit, I like to keep makeup and accessories at a minimum. What I love about monochromatic colors is the flexibility it provides when it comes to accessorizing and makeup choices. Think lighter eyeshadow and lipstick for the professional look and a brighter or darker shade for a night out. When shopping for work I usually ask myself a few questions like; can I wear this to the office and to a girls night out after work, is the style and cut classic, are the colors timeless, is the price reasonable without foregoing quality, and a few more. If the answer is yes to most of my questions, then I know it’s worth the investment.

    I have come to love the Gianni Bini brand at Dillards and browsing the selection of shoes, dresses, pants, skirts, and tops that are online or at the department store. It’s always fun to see what pattern and color set will be next and to check out the sales rack for discounted finds. I’ve got to admit that I love the fit, quality, and design which will be in style for years to come. To stick with the Valentine theme, I decided to pair this dress with a nude Sam Edelman pumps and cute bag from Cole Haan.

    What’s on your list for Valentine’s day?