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    How to Design an Open-Concept Space

    A question I get on my family room is how I designed and decorated the space given the open floor concept.  One of the first things I did when we were designing our home was to figure out functionality of each of the rooms. I knew that we would prefer a more open concept for our family room, dining, and kitchen space given that we cook a lot and spend time the most in those areas and entertaining. It was important to create a space that was symmetrical with lots of natural lighting, while being functional and comfortable. Here are a few tips that I kept in mind when designing the family room and could be helpful to you too. 

    Furniture Layout Leverage Pinterest or other social media platforms for inspiration and then use Canva or a similar platform to design the layout for your family room. I had a few different design layouts for our furniture placement. One of the decisive factor on layout had to do with the huge sliding doors we have that gives a view of our backyard. Another decision point was figuring out how best to transition from our kitchen/dining room to our family room since it is one long big room. Eventually, I settled on a sectional furniture because I wanted to maximize the beautiful view we have of our patio and backyard without having to pick two couches that could block the view altogether. Adding two chairs, two ottomans, a foyer table and a few decorative pieces to the mix completed the space.  

    Invest in Quality or Comfortable Furniture Invest in furniture that is comfortable and good quality. I knew we will get a lot of use out of our sectional and I wanted a piece large enough to accommodate our family but also to entertain. If price is an issue, then find a piece that is comfortable and make sure you do your homework on how well it does with wear and tear.  Based on the paint color of our walls, I chose neutral and solid colored furniture pieces. Settling for custom fabrics for the furniture, the chairs, and the ottoman, I am now able to add patterns and other solid throw pillows in the mix each season and still retain the classic look I was aiming for.  The swivel chairs are one of the pieces I love the most, and they have a deeper blue/grey undertone while our ottoman has a more earthy brown color which ties in with our white oak wood floors and the coffee table. 

    Mixing Material Elements Mixing material elements is a simple way to create a mood in your home, whether it’s seasonal or just creating an all-year atmosphere to the space. Layering rustic or glazed ceramics and textured details creates an inviting cozy feel. Decorative pieces is a great way to infuse personality and if you have shelving like we do, then organic, earthy glazes and shapes can play nicely with some of the larger-scale pieces on shelves. Texture, warmth, and calming palette can all be intermingled into your design. Adding pillow details or something colorful can add a unique charm to the lounging area. 

    The Lighting Lighting is a crucial aspect of interior designing. Natural lighting is always ideal, but not always possible. To brighten a family room with a soft look, consider adding a floor lamp to a larger area or a table lamp to create ambience. I have loved our Visual Comfort Chandelier in our home because it is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, in addition to our  Target lamps which has been integrated into this space. 

    Photography credit: @angiegarciaphoto