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    Everyday Reminders to Kick-Start Your Day

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    Just in case you forgot….YOU are AMAZING! This morning as I completed my cardio workout, I realized how important it is to remind ourselves daily (myself included) of the things we are grateful for, and how to train our minds to make the very best of the present moment, even when our circumstances are far less than ideal. So without further ado, I am sharing a few reminders that I hope may impact your day as much as they have on mine. Remember that the key to a new beginning has everything to do with a new way of thinking, and daily practice.

    Never forget how unique you are. When you know your worth and love yourself, you move different.

    Remember, Life is a Choice

    Choose to let go and be present. Choose positivity. Give yourself the chance to forgive yourself and others. Find meaning and choose to see the possibilities. Choose to practice thinking and living better, every day.

    It’s okay to be angry. You are human and you are not going to be happy all the time. Just remember, the world is silently walking next to you. 

    Keep Your Dreams Alive

    Yes, you read that right. Don’t stop dreaming or believing in yourself. If you want to pursue something new, go for it. If you’re passionate about it, you will find a way to make it a part of your life. No matter the outcome you will be a better person for it.

    ….and remember, don’t sweat the small stuff. Relax, it’s all going to be okay. 

    Mid-Week Musings and My Coach Crossbody Bag


    “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu

    Friends, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Maybe it’s because the older I get, the more I find myself looking within and trying to make a more conscious effort to be self-aware and to carry an attitude of gratitude despite the situations I may find myself in. Each day, I understand a little more that the external environment is always in a continuous cycle of change and there’s only so much I can control, and each day, I also accept that I am the constant in my environment. I am also learning that we all touch each other in some way or form, and nothing is ever by chance so to be genuine and compassionate needs to be a fundamental way of life. After all, kindness in words, action, and in giving, can touch people in profound ways which then cascades into a ripple effect of love.

    In the end, what you see depends not only on what you look at, but also, on where you look from and simplicity, patience, and compassion are one of life’s greatest treasures. Yes?

    The Pretty Coach Crossbody Bag

    So moving on from reflections to a much lighter topic…..

    Has anyone come across a Coach rose print crossbody bag that’s on sale, and simply pass it by? I think not, or in my case, I couldn’t pass up a good deal :). You see, I have a few coach purses that I paid full price for and these are still some of my favorite bags since they are still in pristine condition despite the fact that they are older than my daughter! You can then imagine my little yelp of glee when I saw this pretty coated canvas featuring an artful rose print sitting on the shelf and was discounted.

    I love having versatile pieces in my wardrobe.  This bag has come in handy a few times already, especially on the weekends when I am running a quick errand and want to carry only a few essentials with me. It also has an interchangeable strap so does that count as a win-win? I’ve linked similar coach bags below. xo Louise

    Don’t over-complicate or over-think things. Life is too short and precious! Make the most of your time and always watch your thoughts.

    Shop this look and some of my favorites

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