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    Mothers Day and Keeping it Honest

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms, grandmothers, and sisters out there! There are also so many wonderful women out there that are a mother figure in a child’s life, and I am grateful to all those women as well. They say, a mother’s love is unconditional and from my personal experience, I couldn’t agree more.

    You see, I never truly understood the sacrifice and unconditional love that my mother made for me and my siblings until I had kids of my own. Mothers have this inner strength and their job never ends, not even on sick days.  They always find the extra energy to be there no matter the circumstance. Today, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you are appreciated and absolutely amazing!

    Photography: Mallory Kee Photograghy    Dress: Maggy London “The Ruthie Fit & Flare”

    Every day and every waking moment is such a learning experience for my husband and I.  The days may seem long but the years are so short!! Sometimes I realize this in spurs and then remember the miracle of another life that I am responsible for, and how much I have to cherish the experience. I have been so blessed to have the ongoing support of family; my mother, sisters, and of course, my darling husband! As a working mom, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to all the other working moms for the sacrifice but also to the stay-at-home moms for their dedication.  It’s always such a juggling act being a mother. I’ve seen it from my mom’s perspective as a stay-at-home mom and then from my experience as a working mom.  Each side of the spectrum has its own set of challenges. You are phenomenal, awe-inspiring, remarkable, and wonderful! Being a mom is the BIGGEST BLESSING in the world and there’s just no other way to describe it.

    My advice as a mother is to be accepting of the imperfections of life and parenting.  Give yourself grace and just go with the flow. I am usually one that likes to plan but I have learned that it’s also okay to ask for help. Motherhood isn’t perfect and it’s best to realize that we are all different and unique in our ways, so do not compare your journey as a mother with others.

    I have linked this gorgeous dress from Maggy London here.

    Happy Mother’s Day and have a wonderful weekend! xx Louise

    The Office Dress Every Professional Woman Needs

    The Professional Look

    It’s officially January! Can you believe it? With the holiday festivities behind us, I am excited about the promises of the New Year and getting back into the normal routine at home and also at work.

    As most of us may already know, with the New Year comes new resolutions. For me, it’s about staying focused and organized, and updating my wardrobe with the right classic look! No matter what age you are, you can always find the perfect balance between owning your appearance to exude confidence and shopping for the classic professional attire. Today, I am partnering with Maggy London to share one of my favorite dresses from their classic office shop.

    As a working mother and blogger, it is challenging most days trying to juggle family life with the demands of the working life. Some days, there’s a fine line between work-life balance; the time allocated for work and the other aspects of life. Being a mother has helped me learn that even the best-laid plans and routines require flexibility which means being fluid when it comes to balancing my time between cooking healthy meals, helping my kids with homework, coordinating playdates, and spending quality time with them. I am at least grateful Alex is involved and we get to do this together! On the other hand, I have to play a different role as a career woman and an expert in my field. Most days I am in meetings with little time for lunch. If you know me, then you must know that I am almost always rushing through lunch. Interestingly, by being fluid, I have figured out a way to make it work through meetings, deliverables, and supporting my team.

    To stay strong and confident and successful, I start with what I can control, and that is usually me. If you take some time for yourself and practice courage first, that leads to bigger things with the support of family and friends. Success usually starts with the way you dress and how others perceive you. Everything you do makes some kind of statement, and to wear great clothes is the beginning of exuding that air of poise and self-confidence and control. There’s an old saying that “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”, however in the professional world, people are evaluated by their appearance.

    Clothes make a strong visual statement about how you see yourself and that is why I love the Maggy London classic office wear selection. This dress has a clean look and is classy, stylish, and sleek. I love the neck-tie because it adds a flair of femininity to the dress while keeping with the message that you’re a serious professional.  It is elegant meets stylish boss lady! I cannot gush enough about this dress and the look! I paired this dress with a simple black bag and pumps but it can also work with nude pumps.

    My advice to all professional women is to experiment with your appearance. Notice how people react to you when you wear certain colors or styles and how you feel when you wear a particular outfit based on your career goals and aspirations. There are so many places to shop these days but I love Maggy London’s variety of choices for the working woman. To dress for success is to make an informed decision about how you want to “package” yourself. Yes?

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    Dress by Maggy London  #MLPartner #Sponsored                                                                               Photography: MalloryKeePhotography

    How to Find the Perfect Dress for Your Upcoming Holiday Events

    This time of year always presents a little challenge when it comes to maintaining your personal style, while looking chic for the holidays. I have learned that you can never go wrong with a classic look when it comes to style.

    Don’t you just wish it was acceptable to wear dresses like this every day?! I mean who doesn’t love a flattering and comfortable dress for the holidays? I especially love the v-neckline on this dress from Maggy London and the midi-length is complementary on anyone. It is the perfect outfit for any event and such a great dress for upcoming festivities. This dress fit so beautifully that I didn’t need any tailoring done so it was well worth it for me. Really, how pretty is the detailing and retro-inspired long sleeve on this dress?

    You can never go wrong with a classic dress

    I am obsessed with this one and I absolutely adore occasion wear! Any excuse to dress up around the holidays and I will! As a working mom, I usually dress in office wear on a day to day basis, sometimes investing in casual pieces for days with the family. However when it comes to events, knowing the dress code is important and that helps in planning the appropriate outfit for the event. I also like investing in dresses that can be worn multiple times and wouldn’t sit in my wardrobe for a one-time occasion.

    A few tips for finding the perfect occasion wear

    Regardless of your style, here are a few tips for finding the perfect occasion wear.

    • Look for outfits with clean and classic lines.
    • Do not show too much skin. Opt for long sleeves to stay warm during the holidays.
    • Do make an effort. Finding the right occasion wear dress takes planning and you want to find an outfit that is stunning without being too loud. This Diana Midi dress sparkles in the light without being out there. It is just gorgeous and super soft too!
    • Comfort! Invest in outfits that are comfortable because you will be wearing them for a while.

    What are your tips for getting dressed up for special occasions?

    What I’m Wearing: Dress by Maggy London  #MLPartner #Sponsored                                                     Photography: MalloryKeePhotography