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    A Summer Farewell

    A Farewell to Summer

    It is almost beginning, the slight chill in the air, the fallen leaves, the gentle calling of Autumn as Summer fades away. She whispers as she ever so slightly brings cooler breezes and shorter days. Autumn lures us with her sweet promises of golden and bright red leaves, of tall trees set ablaze by a golden haze.

    Alas! Summer shall sleep to wake again and bring us her warmth and longer days but right now the season calls for Summer to sleep. A sure miss of memories remembered and memories past. This is where we say farewell.

    Soon, Autumn shall bring Winter cold but for now we shall bask in the ever slight chill of Autumn’s embrace and her beauty of warm colored leaves so rich in hue. We shall enjoy the crackling fireplaces and the ever hot cups of cocoa. The stories, the laughter, the cuddles, and the snuggles, until we meet Summer again. Until she awakens with her warm embrace.

    Farewell Summer until next year.

    xx Louise