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    Habits that changed my attitude to managing stress in my life

    Attitudes follow behavior in many domains of our everyday life

    Let’s be honest – building good habits take time and mindfulness. As we know, attitude become habits over time, and habits almost always demonstrate character. Since habits help us to manage how we maneuver our everyday lives, we are usually inclined to make more habits to help us along the way. Sometimes we form bad habits but the truth is that our habits and attitudes are as strong as the power we give them over us.

    Over the last few months, I’ve been making a more conscious effort towards being mindful on managing my stress and embracing a positive attitude to life. I’ve had to juggle a full-time career with the balance of having a family, health issues, and building a custom home. It’s definitely been a roller-coaster but we all know that life throws us challenges and it’s our attitude that can determine our outlook.

    Today, I’m sharing some of the tips that have helped me manage my time better and my attitude to life. These may seem really basic but I hope they are helpful to you.

    1.  Positive thinking changes your perception

    It is true. A positive attitude can take you far in life. When you have a good attitude about anything or about the future, you’re more willing to be resilient because you know that even if things do not always go as planned, it isn’t the end of it all. As long as I can remember, I have always carried the mindset to be kind and patient to myself, and to learn to be optimistic. A positive attitude is a vital key to unlocking the secret to managing stress.

    2.  A good attitude removes limits

    When you constantly fill your head with negativity, you are immediately setting limits on your limitless potential! It’s almost like you are sabotaging yourself because your brain begins to believe that’s the truth and you end up setting yourself for failure. Each week, I set a reminder on my phone with mantras throughout the day to remind me to practice self-talk and with motivational phrases. This helps me get into the habit of a reset when I start to let my emotions get the best of me. Just like anything else, with consistency, it has become almost a way of life.

    3.  Take time out for yourself

    Mindfulness is a mind-body approach to life that helps us to relate differently to experiences. Paying more attention to our thoughts and feelings can increase our ability to manage difficult situations and make wise choices. I think it’s important to strike the balance between your responsibility to others and to yourself, and it’s okay to prioritze self-care and make the time to relax for good mental health.

    4. Get some restful sleep

    A regular sleep routine may not seem like a great way to manage stress but it’s an essential way to help calm and restore our bodies, improve concentration and regulate our mood so that we have sharpened judgement and feel rejuvenated to take on the world. Sleep is a powerful stress reducer. Incorporate some peaceful activities before bedtime like a breathing exercise, warm bath, or essential oils. These activities can release physical tension and encourage the onset of sleep so you are a better problem solver the next day and better able to cope with stress.

    5.  Be kind to yourself

    This could always be a lot worse. As they say, the grass looks always greener on the other side. With that said, try to keep things in perspective and remember that having a bad day is a universal human experience. If you feel like you have failed, carry an attitude of gratitude to lift you up and remember that a positive mindset can anchor you and help you learn from those mistakes or disappointments. Take a few minutes each day to clear out the noise and appreciate yourself.

    Attitude, when shaped in the right way, can influence behavior to achieve a favorable outcome.

    Let’s face it, there’s always going to be stress in our lives and a little stress never hurts anyone, however there are intentional habits that can relieve some of our daily routine stress factors. I am now more intentional in my attitude towards life and how I handle my daily schedule, as well as dealing with the unexpected. These five tips have really helped to alleviate some of the stress in my daily life and I hope what I shared helps you in some way too.

    xo Louise