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    My Workout Routine

    As a working mom, I am usually trying to find the balance between making time to workout, handling my day job, and having time for my family and kids. The question that usually comes to mind is “is there ever a good time to workout?” I find it interesting when I hear stories of not having enough time in the day. Juggling a lot, I know how hectic it can get and things slip but I am also a firm believer in finding the time if you really want to.

    Truly, a workout is one of the best things you can give yourself.  It doesn’t always have to involve going to the gym and can easily be done at home or a park or wherever you choose! So here are a few tips:


    My workout routine varies from the gym, to a slight run outdoors, using some of the workout equipment at my home, or some yoga stretches and core strength training.

    1. Tip 1: If you are a homebody, you can easily buy a workout video that is safe to do at home (you may want to check in with your doctor if you are going to do any strenuous workouts to be sure it is okay). There are also a plethora of workout videos online and readily available on TV.  I have friends who love the Insanity workout videos and swear by it. There are others who prefer yoga at home or a light workout using your own equipment at home (e,g., elliptical machine, cycling machine, ball, dumbbells, etc.)
    2. Tip 2: If you love being outdoors, then a trip to the gym or even jogging outside or participating in group activities can do wonders for you. I know friends who absolutely love goat yoga. I am not sure about goats on my back (LOL) so that may not work for me, but I do make time to stretch and practice yoga outdoors, either alone or with a friends. I find it peaceful and invigorating.
    3. Tip 3: Know your body and what you can and cannot do. For me, I am careful on the exercises I choose to do and I ALWAYS absolutely stretch before and after exercising. Give me a couple dumbbells and the outdoors and I am happy person.  I can get creative by using the park benches for leg squats, dumbbells for different arm exercises, and go for a run.
    4. Tip 4: If you don’t know what a foam roller is, please invest in one. It helps after a workout with sore muscles and I love using it.  Also drink lots of water to stay hydrated during your workout and throughout the day. You can find a foam roller at Target. Lastly, incorporate a healthy eating lifestyle to your diet and you will look and feel great!

    That about wraps it up for me, friends! What do you do to stay fit? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below. xoxo Louise